About kr studio

Cosmetic and restorative studio (kr studio) in Podolí was opened on 1. December 2003 with the aim to carry on cosmetic face and body care oriented on cultivating natural beauty with well-tried products and methods. The prime aim was to build up a small clinic that offers its services to discriminating customers for prices which correspond to this quality.
In the studio there works a team with long years of practical experience, which graduated from specialized schools and has done trainings completed with certificates. Our services are carried on in a luxurious, air-conditioned and medically sterile environment which contributes to relaxation. Individual approach to clients, discreet manners and free counselling is a part of the care. Thorough hygiene including linen used in cosmetics, pedicure, manicure, depilation and massages washed separately is a matter of course. For high service standards and overall comfort, kr studio in Podolí was awarded the certificate Diploma of excellence by the French brand Darphin Cosmetics.
From December 2007 the kr studio in Podolí was let out for more than two years. Since August 2010 it has returned to the original values and service quality it had before the hire, and has been enriched with new, more comfortable equipment.
The operator of the kr studio in Podolí is again the company Frajer s.r.o. Eva Hašková, the holder of „The Golden Lily Certificate“, remains senior beautician. She was awarded the certificate for observing prescribed procedures by the Dauphin brand she’s been working with for many years in the kr studio. The specialist responsible for manicure and pedicure is Petra Pohunková, who’s been trained for working with nail care products of the line Jessica and Jessana. Reflex therapy and relaxing massage is performed by Pavla Dolejší. The studio operates under the patronage of the journalist and writer PhDr. Blanka Frajerová. Observation of hygienic standards is supervised by MUDr.Richard Frajer.
In our studio it’s also possible to make an appointment for free medical consultation. We speak English, French and German.