The Other by Thomas Tryon

By Thomas Tryon

Unique book: 1971
Afterword written: 2012

Holland and Niles Perry are exact thirteen-year-old twins. they're shut, shut adequate, virtually, to learn each one other’s recommendations, yet they couldn’t be extra diversified. Holland is daring and mischievous, a foul impression, whereas Niles is type and desirous to please, this type of boy who makes mom and dad proud. The Perrys reside within the bucolic New England city their kin settled centuries in the past, and because it occurs, the prolonged extended family has collected at its ancestral farm this summer time to mourn the dying of the twins’ father in a so much unlucky twist of fate. Mrs. Perry nonetheless hasn’t recovered from the surprise of her husband’s grotesque finish and remains sequestered in her room, leaving her sons to roam loose. because the summer season is going on, even though, and Holland’s pranks turn into more and more sinister, Niles reveals he can now not make excuses for his brother’s activities.

Thomas Tryon’s best-selling novel a few homegrown monster is an eerie exam of the darkness that dwells inside all people. it's a landmark of mental horror that may be a helpful descendent of the books of James Hogg, Robert Louis Stevenson, Shirley Jackson, and Patricia Highsmith.

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K. comedy about student life, The Young Ones: I sat in the big hall and put my packet of Polos on the desk. And my spare pencil and my support gonk. And my chewing gum and my extra pen. And my extra Polos and my lucky gonk. And my pencil sharpener shaped like a cream cracker. And three more gonks with a packet of Polos each. And lead for my retractable pencil. And my retractable pencil. And spare lead for my retractable pencil. ”20 Superstitions are common in situations where the factors that control outcomes are unpredictable or the consequences of something going wrong could be fatal.

Our thoughts and behaviors extend our individual selves to the group because being a social animal requires reaching out to and joining with others. Giving gifts, exchanging objects, owning possessions, and making pilgrimages are all examples of our need to make physical contact with others. These connections are not all permanent, but I believe that they are helped by supernatural thinking as we form new bonds and break others. This need is so basic that I am skeptical that rational reasoning could ever get us to abandon it.

This is what I mean by a supersense. Even if you deny having a supersense, you may still be susceptible to its influence, because the processes that lead to supernatural thinking are not necessarily under conscious or willful control. And as you will see later in the book, some researchers even question whether there is such a thing as conscious willful control. I like to illustrate this point in the public lectures I give on the origins of supernatural thinking by talking about our reactions 22 SUPERSENSE to memorabilia.

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The Other by Thomas Tryon
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