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18. Forces in a container produce tensile forces in the wall. Shortening of the wall, as by the shortening of the spring at left indicated by arrows, compresses the contents (arrows pointing to the center) and produces a pressure, P. P is transmitted uniformly in all directions, tending to drive the fluid in the lumen into the wall (filtration) and compressing the layers of the wall. P also distends the vessel and tends to rend the wall, as indicated by the arrows at right, which show a stretching force on the spring.

The role of the reticulin in the mechanical function of the vessels remains to be elucidated in detail. The rich development of reticular meshes in the choroidal vascular plexuses provides a morphologic 1 By S. Rodbard. -l and 2, Chapter I. 2 48 GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS OF THE CIRCULATION OF THE BLOOD basis for the suggestion that, like ground substance, these meshes play a special role in the great selectivity of the blood-brain barrier. The reticular fibers probably represent a transitional supporting material with properties intermediate between ground substance and collagen.

Origin of blood pressure: Since the proteinaceous materials retained within the semipermeable endothelial barrier continue to exert an osmotic pull, a blood pressure becomes evident which distends the capillary. Thus, capillaries, blood cells, plasma, and blood pressure ap- II. ARTERIAL AND ARTERIOLAR SYSTEMS 43 pear suddenly in the embryo, full-blown from the head of the osmotic force generated by the plasma proteins. The discrete capillaries join to form the vascular system. The primitive blood pressure mechanism continues to be of prime importance in the definitive vascular system: fluid transuded at the arterial ends of the capillaries is returned to the circulation at their venous ends by the osmotic pull of the plasma proteins (Starling, 1909).

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