Anglicanism and the British Empire, c.1700-1850 by Rowan Strong

By Rowan Strong

Among 1700 and 1850 the Church of britain was once the one of the strongest and influential spiritual, social, and political forces in Britain. This was once additionally a momentous time for the British Empire, in which it built after which misplaced the North American colonies, prolonged into India, and settled the colonies of Australia and New Zealand. Public figuring out of this increasing empire was once influentially created and promulgated by means of the Church of britain as a result of its missionary engagement with those colonies, and its function in delivering church buildings for British settlers. Rowan robust examines how that Anglican Christian figuring out of the British Empire formed the identities either one of the folk residing in British colonies in North the United States, Bengal, Australia, and New Zealand in this interval - together with colonists, indigenous peoples, and Negro slaves - and of the English in Britain.

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171–2. Sati was the self-immolation by widows on their husband’s funeral pyre. 26 Anglicans and Empire Andrew Porter has also restated the connection between religion and imperialism in a 1993 article in which he drew attention to the ways in which this relationship changed over time during the nineteenthcentury British Empire. At the beginning of the century Protestant missions preferred to keep the state at a distance—especially Nonconformists, whose suspicion was fuelled by their domestic experience of the oppressive British state.

5. 40 Anglicans and Empire colonial and evangelistic concerns of the Anglicans quoted here put them in a minority among their colleagues for that century. In the nineteenth century the signiWcant, but rather clerical, Anglican support base of the SPG began to be widened organizationally to embrace the laity on a much broader scale. 86 Another growth-restricting factor was that the SPG suVered from the strengths and weaknesses of the increasing partisanship that emerged in its parent church towards the end of our period, and it gradually became a rather more consciously party-oriented, High Church organization than it had been during the eighteenth century, and even the Wrst decades of the nineteenth.

But if religion was an important ingredient in the development and understanding of national identity, was it also a case that Christian missions were involved in this connection also? To what extent were missions responsible not just for the export of British religion but, in the case of Anglican missions, for an English identity as well? There is a prima facie case that Anglican missions did have the eVect not just of making Christians in colonies but of supporting a sense of Englishness or Britishness there as well.

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Anglicanism and the British Empire, c.1700-1850 by Rowan Strong
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