Angel Interrupted (A Dead Detective Mystery) by Chaz McGee

By Chaz McGee

Some circumstances are as chilly because the grave...

A misplaced soul in limbo, Kevin Fahey is attempting to turn out he is a greater ghost than he ever used to be a guy. And attempting to aid Maggie Gunn, the detective who changed him, is an efficient method to begin.

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He was the man with the thoughts that should be feared. And how would I protect her if I turned out to be right? “It’s an organized effort, actually,” he was telling the old woman, who was busy admiring her neighbors’ gardens as they walked past each. “It was started by a retired colonel. I was his first volunteer, actually. ” The old lady smiled at him. ” They turned a corner toward the park. I hurried to keep up, an unseen interloper on their privacy. “I’ve never had a problem until now,” he told the old lady.

Then why had he said nothing until now? “At least,” he continued, “I know part of your name. You’re Mrs. ” “But you must call me Noni,” she insisted. Noni, Noni, Noni—no, no, no. Did your mother never tell you not to talk to strangers, not to invite them into your life? ” Noni asked when he led her down a side street. “Yes. ” And if you do that, you’ll also be marching straight into a deserted bramble with a strange man, far from anyone who could hear you, with me as a powerless witness unable to sound the alarm.

It’s just that she seems so delicate, and this house is so filled with love. As if she had a lot of love to give. It’s horrible for her to die alone this way. ” “My guess is someone else,” Maggie said. ” Maggie was on her hands and knees, her eyes level with a spot only a few inches from the floor. “You know what? I don’t think this woman was alone when she died. Look at the position of the hand, the way it’s wrapped around the gun and the fingers are curled around the trigger. ” Peggy shook her head.

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Angel Interrupted (A Dead Detective Mystery) by Chaz McGee
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