Angel & Faith Season 10 20 by Victor Gischler

By Victor Gischler

Angel & religion is a ongoing comedian e-book sequence from darkish Horse Comics, which maintains on from Angel & religion in addition to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9. The sequence is released lower than the Season Ten banner.

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APOLLION: A noble undertaking! May your crown Thereby grow mightier yet – and your renown! I’m honoured to advise on such a deed, Whether or not success is guaranteed. The aim is worthy, even if it’s frustrated. Our struggle, though, must be well-calculated – Not reckless. How best to broach so tough a foray – Most safely try conclusions with our quarry! LUCIFER: With cunning! Turn the flank to strike the van! APOLLION: Well reasoned! For, if borrowed power you plan To pit against the Almighty’s, you could fail By proving somewhat light to tip the scale … BEELZEBUB: Not all that light!

GABRIEL: True blessedness from calm content derives: Of glad acceptance of God’s will, it thrives! LUCIFER: God’s majesty is being severely slighted If nature divine with human blood’s united – United and constrained! We spirits, rather, Approach God’s nature, than do sons a father, Bred by and like him. It is not unfair, Like with unlike in this way to ensnare – Finite with infinite, power circumscribed With boundless power? What if the Sun described A faulty orbit, mantled itself in clouds To light the world, or steamy shrouds Of vapour black?

LOYALIST 1: What God ordains is well and good – a boon! REBEL 1: Our Angel-Crown to tarnish is Man’s aim – LOYALIST 2: When God’s made Man, Angels will bless His Name! REBEL 1: And worship clay, with foreheads in the dust? LOYALIST 1: God’s Name be censed with fragrance, praise and trust! REBEL 2: And Man revered because it must be so? Enter APOLLION, BELIAL. APOLLION: The grumbling’s started. Hear the tumult grow! BELIAL: Who are these hordes of Angels sunk in grief? Sackcloth and ashes? It’s beyond belief That here, mid endless feasts and celebration, So lamentably large a congregation Should be in mourning – but, it’s clearly so!

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Angel & Faith Season 10 20 by Victor Gischler
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