Angel & Faith Season 10 15 by Victor Gischler

By Victor Gischler

Angel & religion is a ongoing comedian ebook sequence from darkish Horse Comics, which maintains on from Angel & religion in addition to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9. The sequence is released less than the Season Ten banner.

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Hosteen Tso hadn’t lived more than an hour after that. And yet the letter had been written. Who the hell could have done it? Leaphorn decided he’d go back to Short Mountain and talk to McGinnis again. You have any idea what those valuable things he wanted to give you could be? Leaphorn asked. No, Tso said. I have no idea. Everything I found in the hogan wouldn’t be worth a hundred dollars. Tso looked thoughtful. But maybe he didn’t mean money value. Maybe not, Leaphorn said. He was still thinking of the letter.

Anyway, its supposed to be the ceremonial that Changing Woman and the Talking God taught the people to use when the Fourth World ends. McGinnis paused to tap the Coca-Cola glass-just a few drops on the tongue. Now, you may have another version in your clan, he said. The way we have it around Short Mountain, the Fourth World isn’t supposed to end like the Third World did, with Water Monster making a flood. This time the evil is supposed to cause the Sun Father to make it cold, and the Dinee are supposed to hole up somewhere over in the Chuska range.

He breathed again. Some of the tension of the night had left him. He had hunted a sort of epitome of evil, something that would kill with reckless enjoyment. He had found a mere mortal. And yet this Navajo who stood below him inspecting the rosy dawn sky must be the same man who, just three nights ago, had run him down with a laugh. Nothing else made sense. The man turned abruptly and ducked back into the hogan. Leaphorn lowered the binoculars and thought about it. No glasses. No goldrims. That might simply mean that the man had them in his pocket.

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Angel & Faith Season 10 15 by Victor Gischler
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