An Amazon Andes tour by Margaret Meinertzhagen Booth

By Margaret Meinertzhagen Booth

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G. M. B . sits a t t h e other end between t h e Prefect a n d Mr. Cazes. N o t h i n g h a p p e n s for some time, no food is b r o u g h t on, only endless cocktails. A p p a r e n t l y something m u s t h a v e gone Avrong in t h e kitchen, b u t a t last t h e soup a p p e a r s and Ave devour it greedily, a n d t h e n t h e r e is a n o t h e r pause before t h e fish arrives, after Avhich t h e dishes come on fairly regularly Sehor Tizan is v e r y pleasant, a n d gives me a good deal of information concerning our journey.

She could not possibly haAe come Avith us over the Andes, but I Avas very sorry for her. Captain Good's boy is coming across Avith us. NATIVE QUARTERS AT IQLITOS He cannot bear being left in Iquitos Avithout Captain Good, Avhom he calls father, so he is going to be our servant till Ave get to Lima, and I expect Avill be very useful. His name is Caesar ! We start a feAv minutes after the Elisa, and in about an hour haAe caught her up. But she Avill no doubt get to Massisea as soon as AVC shall, as she can take short cuts in shalloAv Avater.

We have two very good pilots on board, besides the two Avho took us from Manaos to Iquitos. Captain 48 MANAOS TO LIMA Good, Mr. Tregoning, Mr Robilliard, Dr. Horton and ourselves are the party. The view of Iquitos from up the river is much more imposing than that from below the toAvn. Indeed, approaching from Manaos one hardly realises there is any toAvn at all. About a quarter of an hour after leaving Iquitos Ave pass the small river Itaya. This can be used by canoes, and ELISA NEARLY CATCHES UP avoids a long bend in the main Amazon ; it is said t h a t in a feAv years the Avhole stream will force its Avay through this narroAv channel and SAveep away Iquitos.

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An Amazon Andes tour by Margaret Meinertzhagen Booth
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