Ace the IT Interview , 2nd Ed. by Paula Moreira

By Paula Moreira

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Annual revenues totaled over $350M. Recruited to direct the implementation of a new MRPII system within the organization's Ohio and Hong Kong locations. Identified and collected user requirements, defined business process for system configuration, and programmed modifications. Enhanced performance of MRPII system through modification, introducing ordering, quoting for printing products, and consolidation of shipments. Eliminated lost paperwork with the design and development of a Job Tracking System.

Were you a contractor who was hired on as an employee (indicates you added so much value at your last position that they had to hire you)? Chapter 2 Acing the IT Résumé STAND OUT! ”You will provide your list of references later, when requested, on a separate sheet with their contact information. Summing It All Up The hardest part of résumé writing is making a commitment to start. Once you start to get your skills down on paper, you have something to work with. com/. You won’t get it all right the first time, so make sure you keep refining how you present yourself.

At the core of getting noticed is a firm belief in yourself and your abilities. The same confidence that you will need to successfully maneuver the interview needs to come across on paper. Notice, I said confidence, not cockiness. Confidence plays the most important role in getting noticed. If you are currently unemployed, it could be difficult for you to move from the woe-is-me attitude to the confident attitude, but this is crucial. If you have a hard time mustering confidence, try to recall your accomplishments or past victories.

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Ace the IT Interview , 2nd Ed. by Paula Moreira
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