Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance by Frances Cavanah

By Frances Cavanah

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Soon Abe began to make other friends. Jack Kelso took him fishing. Abe did not care much about fishing, but he liked to hear Jack recite poetry by Robert Burns and William Shakespeare. They were Jack's favorite poets, and they became Abe's favorites, too. At the Rutledge Tavern, where Abe lived for a while, he met the owner's daughter, Ann Rutledge. Ann was sweet and pretty, with a glint of sunshine in her hair. They took long walks beside the river. It was easy to talk to Ann, and Abe told her some of his secret hopes.

By election day on November 6, 1860, he had started to grow a beard. He spent the evening of election day in the telegraph office. Report after report came in from different parts of the country. He was gaining. He was winning. After a while he knew—his friends knew—all Springfield knew—that Abraham Lincoln was to be the next President of the United States. Outside in the streets the crowds were celebrating. They were singing, shouting, shooting off cannons. ” “I guess I'd better go home now,” he added.

One field hand and his wife were sold to different bidders. There were tears in the woman's dark eyes as he was led away. She knew that she would never see her husband again. “Let's get out of here,” said Abe. ” They walked back to their own flatboat tied up at one of the wharves. Allen got supper, but Abe could not eat. “Don't look like that,” said Allen. “Many of the folks down here inherited their slaves, same as their land. ” “I never said it was anybody's fault—at least not anybody who's living now.

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Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance by Frances Cavanah
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