A Divine Confrontation by Graham Cooke

By Graham Cooke

I haven't learn something by way of Graham Cooke that didn't encourage me. The Devine war of words is without a doubt certainly one of his most sensible! it truly is a kind of books that you just learn slowly and prayerfully, after which there are components you remain on for a number of days rereading and meditating on. This ebook challenged me to get to understand God larger.

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The point I wish to make is this: How often is this jumble of ideology, theology, philosophy, and psychology put together and used on the people of God? Examine the whole principle of one-man ministry in the church. A cursory look at the Scriptures Theology and ideology do not mix. 44 Graham Cooke tells us that the term pastor is not a descriptive word for a local church leader. It is used only once in connection with the fivefold ministries of apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher, and evangelist (see Eph.

Many leaders did not understand how to respond. ” was their question. It didn’t fit. It was not supposed to fit. It was given to reengineer the church into a new place in God. The very idea that God should do only what fits with what He has already done is ludicrous. He has seldom worked that way. ” His words brought a change to people’s perception of God and His workings. He warned people in Luke 5:36-39 that new wine needs a new wineskin. It seems fairly amazing that the new wine of renewal should be rejected because it did not mix well with the old form of meetings that we were used to.

The more formal structure of the temple was designed to enable people to come to grips with the same phenomena. The presence of God was enshrined in mystery within the Holy of Holies. People waited with bated breath for the reemergence of the High Priest on the Day of Atonement. The smell and spectacle of the sacrifices added to the drama of coming into the very presence of God. People were brought to that place of awe-inspiring worship as they became involved with the ongoing pageantry of the manifest presence of God in their midst.

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A Divine Confrontation by Graham Cooke
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